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Learn how to join a Minecraft server using as the example!

When You Join

After joining the multiplayer server for BreakdownCraft, you’ll be placed into the server’s lobby. You will be greeted by friendly NPCs for each of the BreakdownCraft servers. We currently have three servers – Medieval Survival, Aquatic Survival, and SkyBlock. We are constantly expanding though with new gamemodes being added regularly.

To join one of our ‘main’ servers, simply right-click on the NPC for that server. You will then be instantly teleported to that server. You can switch to other servers anywhere on the BreakdownCraft Network with the /server command.

Depending on the server you joined, your starting experience will be a bit different. We’ve outlined each server below.

Medieval Survival

Medieval Survival is our player-based economy survival server. It has over 30 CUSTOM quests with new quests being added regularly. On top of that, it has awesome features such as MCMMO, Jobs, and much, much more.

On first join, you will be greeted by the ’Welcome To Brookehaven!” greeter. Right-click them, and then right-click the ’Welcome to Medieval Survival!” quest they have. This quest will introduce you to everything that Medieval Survival has to offer.

NOTE: You must complete the Intro Quest to get your starter kit and get the ability to do /spawn. If you skipped this quest, you can get back to it easily using the /warp IntroQuest warp.

Completing the intro quest will give you everything that you need to get started with BreakdownCraft Medieval Survival.

Episode one of our BreakdownCraft Medieval Survival let’s play. Check out Medieval Survival, it’s incredible custom quests, player-based economy, and tons of custom features. Then, come join the most popular BreakdownCraft server and play it for yourself!

Aquatic Survival

Aquatic Survival was the first server BreakdownCraft ever had. It features a /shop based economy with jobs, and allows automated farms, whereas Medieval Survival doesn’t.

Once you’ve joined into Aquatic Survival, you’ll get to know your way around the spawn. At spawn, you’ll find a lot of basic information about Aquatic Survival. You will also find our crates area, which can be accessed via /warp crates, and some anvils, crafting tables, ender portals, and a community ‘spawn chest’ where players can place items they no longer need or want.

When you’re finished taking a look around, type /RTP in the chat to be teleported to a random location where you can start your Survival on BreakdownCraft. If you don’t like the location, walk around a bit until you are able to use /RTP again. Once you find a place you like, setup your base and get started. 

Feel free to return back to /Spawn as much as you would like to use our resources. You can also sell and buy items using money you earn in-game, mainly through selling items, in /shop.

BreakdownCraft Aquatic Survival has came a very long way since this original 10 hour let’s play that started it all off. Check out the 50+ episodes of the Broken Island let’s play to see Aquatic Survival evolve over time!

Claiming Land on Aquatic & Medieval

All BreakdownCraft survival servers are grief protected. This is primarily handled through our claiming system. Here is how to claim land on both the BreakdownCraft Medieval & Aquatic survival servers.

Note: It is essential to claim your land with a GOLDEN Shovel when you start setting up your base. You can purchase more land claims on our Store by going to; you can also earn more claim blocks in-game by voting via the /vote menu.

To claim a plot of land, use a Golden Shovel. You can get one anytime via the /kit claim command.

Once you have your Golden Shovel, go back to your plot of land and get your Golden Shovel. Rightclick on one corner of land and proceed to walk to the opposite corner. Right-click on this corner as well, and the land will be claimed. 

Do not remove the shovel from your hand when claiming land. It will reset the claim. You can check your claim by clicking the ground with the stick provided in /kit claim. This will outline your claim, so you can see it and make sure all of your stuff is claimed.

Ask a staff member for help if you are having trouble claiming land on any of our survival servers.


BreakdownCraft SkyBlock is a custom SkyBlock experience with OP enchants, custom tools, incredible ranks, free /fly for voting, awesome challenges, and overall a unique SkyBlock experience.

When you first join into SkyBlock, you’ll be greeted by our vast spawn. You can access the general SkyBlock menu with the NPC to your right, or you can run forward passing the upgrades NPC (/warp upgrades), the auction NPC (/ah), and the kit preview area. All ranks on SkyBlock come with their own unique kits.

Once you have taken a look around spawn, you can get your island started with the /is commands. You have two starter islands to choose from – a basic square island with a tree and chest, and larger, custom island. It doesn’t matter which one you go with, but if you are just getting started with SkyBlock, I’d recommend going with the upgraded island.

At this point, it’s time to chop down your original tree, get some saplings, plant more trees, build a generator, and just start building out an incredible and epic island! You can see me setting up a basic generator in the video below.

Let’s play BreakdownCraft SkyBlock! We do let’s plays on all of our servers, and SkyBlock is no exception. While SkyBlock has had many updates since it’s launch, and this original video, the basics have stayed the same. Survive and thrive all on a lonely island in the sky!

BreakdownCraft Rules

Every server on BreakdownCraft has two sets of rules. One is based around keeping the server a clean and fun place to play. The other is focused on keeping the server lag free and smooth all the time.

You can access global rules and ban times here, but I would recommend checking out the /rules book in the game as all of our servers rules do vary slightly.

As far as lag rules go, these are 100% server-specific and can be accessed with the /lagrules command in-game. This will then open up the lag rules for the specific server you are on. Follow them to keep things fun and avoid getting banned/punished for breaking them.