Server IP:

When You Join

After joining the multiplayer server for BreakdownCraft, you’ll be placed into the Server Hub. This is designed to reduce lag by new players when they first join. When you arrive at the BreakdownCraft Hub, you’ll be able to go into the Survival server by going to the portals. They will teleport you to the Survival Spawn.

Please note: as new gamemodes are added, they will have portals added at the Hub on the server. You can join those gamemodes by going back to the hub. More will be announced soon.

Once you’re in, you’ll get to know your way around the Survival spawn. At spawn, we’ve provided anvils, crafting tables, an in-game store for buying items and mob spawners, a Nether Portal and End Portal, and other misc. available for you to use. 

When you’re finished taking a look around, type /RTP in the chat to be teleported to a random location where you can start your Survival on BreakdownCraft. If you don’t like the location, walk around a bit until you are able to use /RTP again. Once you find a place you like, setup your base and get started. 

Feel free to return back to /Spawn as much as you would like to use our resources. You’ll also be able to use the shop, sell items, buy items, and find some cool warps, including a jail for players caught hacking. 

Our Favorite Warps

To visit a warp, simply type /Warp warpName.
If you want your warp added here, let us know in the Discord Chat!

/warp Spawn
/warp Shop
/warp Store

Claiming Land

Note: It is essential to claim your land with a GOLDEN Shovel when you start setting up your base. You can purchase more land claims on our Store by going to

Server staff are not responsible for damage to player bases that are not claimed. 

To claim a plot of land, use a Golden Shovel. They can be purchased with in-game currency at /Warp Shop. If you need money, simply sell some coal or iron by holding it in your hand and typing /sell hand. 

Once you have your Golden Shovel, go back to your plot of land and get your Golden Shovel. Right click on one corner of land and proceed to walk to the opposite corner. Right click on this corner as well, and the land will be claimed. 

Do not remove the shovel from your hand when claiming land. It will reset the claim. 

Ask a staff member for help if you are having trouble. 

Additional Notes

You can read our full rules section here
Do NOT use any hacked clients or modded clients when joining the server.